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Thune Club confection
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Ideal confection jacket for man,woman,junior = all sizes .Make measurement of weist, hips and height through shooting underwear and sweeter and send it by e-mail. We will tell you exact size..

Very good price and quality

We need your chest ,waist and hips + height (cm)

Weight: 1,9 kg

Recomended by Varga Olympic Champion - especially for club shooters - fit excellent..!!

 Standart sizes  for man  44,46,48,50,52,54,58,60,62//24,25,26,27

Standart  sizes for ladies 34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48

Standart sizes for junior  170,160,150,140 cm


Production for both standard-sizes and made to measure products is handled by the company’s own computer system called HUGO. Newest technology available is used in the Hugo system, which was installed in 1999 after a six months research and evaluation period. Hugo works with an accuracy of one (1) mm. The HUGO has been upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 in 2003.

The Made to Measure software system application has been developed by OY TEEMA LINE LTD within the company and expected to be the Worlds No. 1. There are about 200 basic patterns for each model and there are over 40 different types of adjusting possibilities to each basic pattern which is available as Made to Measure.

Development & Research

All new model and prototypes are designed with the Hugo computerised system. Testing is made by the Kurt Thune Test & Development Team, which consists among others of the following World Class shooters