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TEC HRO 2.1 stativ
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on stock blue ,black, red color

Weight: 1.28 kg



TEC-HRO stativ 2.1INNOVATIONS and improvements are:

TEC-HRO stativ 2.1    lighter and cheaper !!

  • Rifle and ammunition holder and foot-middle-part consist of CNC-machined special plastic
  • weight only 1.28kg
  • very compact to store in the included bag
  • very quick and easy to assemble and disassemble

TEC-HRO stativ 2.1 description:

The selected base geometry allows to set the tripod directly to the railing on the shooting range without losing space.

The rifle rest is on the side of the tube - required by only a little movement to drop the gun!

The ammunition storage at TEC-HRO stativ 2.1 fits for 2 cal.22 cartridge boxes, all kinds of air-gun round cans, etc. "100-shot match-box"...
Holes in the ammunition storage used for insertion of tools such as allen key etc ...

After pushing the pipes together it is ready for the kneeling position.

The fiberglass composite pipes are extremely robust and have the pleasant side effect that they feel pleasantly warm.

The rifle tripod made in GERMANY which offers quality and functionality.

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